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Trading & FMCG Distribution

ERP for Trading & FMCG Distribution

Middle East, especially a few countries of the GCC have become trading hubs for the African continent and major parts of Europe. The local consumer market is dynamic and demanding. Thus, Trading is a major commercial activity in the Middle East. With such a well-paying consumer market, FMCG distribution has naturally been an important component of business for local and MNC organizations.

Most of the Middle East countries, with some exceptions, import and market in their respective countries. Some do have local suppliers in a few segments. Some are even half way house for exports. They import and then export to other countries. Those who are in the FMCG business import from overseas or purchase from the local manufacturers and distribute through the ERP for FMCG channels.

This ERP Software for Trading Company and distribution business has some salient issues that can make their ERP implementation experience pleasant and worth the effort –

    • Handling of procurement for import transactions as well as domestic purchases.
    • Management of purchase cycle with good idea of lead time for procurement.
    • Purchase Requisition and raising POs with help from ERP with suggested orders based on stock levels and suggested objectively evaluated suppliers.
    • Control over deviations from historical purchase prices.
    • Ageing or expiry date related MIS and alerts.
    • Tracking of goods receipts in various warehouses and their placement in right BINs.
    • Provision for batch wise tracking of receipts and issues. Also, in case of electronics or similar goods, a provision for capturing serial numbers.
    • Highly flexible marketing schemes with date checks, area, item group links.
    • Creation of kits for marketing schemes and their proper accounting for assembly as well as dis-assembly.
    • Inter-location transfers.
    • Facility for Back-orders i.e. creation of PO or RFQ based on an Order receipt.
    • User defined parameters for QC in receipt or despatch.
    • Auto-calculation of landed cost of goods and provision for profitability analysis.
    • Creating user-defined hierarchy for Sales Teams, setting of targets, etc.
    • Provision for Sales/Purchase/Finance budgets territory/region/executive wise.
    • Possibility to extend the software to Mobile Apps with tight integration with back-end ERP.
    • Multi-currency, multi-location Financial System, with forex gain-loss computation.
    • Smooth inter-branch, inter-group accounting to avoid reconciliation problems.
    • Process linked workflows and alerts to make the business process-oriented and have faster turnaround from enquiry to despatch and from despatch to payment receipts.
    • Managing different entities in the same business group, managing their credit limits, etc.
    • In case of white goods, provision for After Sales Customer Care.
    • Provision for integration with e-commerce sites or for creating own e-commerce site with back-end integration.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is proud to have delivered a fully functional ERP Solution to clients in this segment who are using ebizframe ERP system for trading company for many years now. To know more about ebizframe can help you seamlessly automate your ERP software for Trading and ERP for FMCG Distribution business and take your operational efficiency to a higher level, please write to us at marketing@ebizframe.com, watch the ebizframe Demo by clicking here or call us on +971-501630084/+91-7045902824.