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Surface Transport

ebizframe ERP for Surface Transport Logistics

Surface Transport Logistics companies run their business with different types of vehicles, trucks, etc.  As the competition becomes stiffer, every penny has to be looked after. This business has high wear& tear and many points of leakage. The Management has to keep a hawk’s eye on all such leakage point. It has to take care of preventive maintenance, fuel efficiency, spare parts management, etc. While doing all this, it also needs to have an efficient Sales Management System to please the customer.

ebizframe ERP is an Logistics ERP Software that addresses the concerns of this industry. Value benefits derived by our clients are enormous –

Value Benefits harnessed by clients in the ERP Software for Logistics Industry Business from ebizframe:

  • Lower cycle time for providing services without guess work with visibility of available trucks or those going to be free.
  • Reduction in pick up time for collecting the material from customer site results in turn-around time of an order.
  • Highly satisfied customer due to timely pick up and avoidance of duplicate invoicing.
  • Correct invoices on time with complete integration between Operations and Accounts.
  • No double payment to hired drivers as entry is real time.
  • No manipulation – Integrated Operations and Accounting remove chances of changes, reducing the leakages.
  • Blocking leakages in revenue – 100% accuracy about other recoverable charges for intra border movement with real time recording in ERP.
  • Accurate accounting – Hiring of drivers and vehicle at very short notice is a common practice. If owner is found to be same during payment, though on-hire drivers and vehicle are different ebizframe; single payment against multiple deliveries is possible. ebizframe moves liability to the actual owner at the time of payment.
  • Trip-wise profitability is generated enabling the company to devise better freight plans.
  • Automatic transmission of information about consignment delivery creates great comfort level between customer and transporter.
  • Management of Multiple Locations is transparent and on-line – no confusion with tight control on editing of vouchers.
  • Separate tracking of owned and hired vehicles provides better control on operational efficiencies.
  • Disciplined accounting system presents “single version of truth”.
  • Add-on feature of cost center based budgeting and accounting allows better control on expenses, hence raise profitability.
  • Add-on features of Vehicle Maintenance and Fuel Consumption helps the company to keep track on critical costs on vehicle.

To know more about how ebizframe Logistics ERP Software can help you in your Surface Transport Business, please write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com or download the complete brochure from brochures page.