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ebizframe ERP in Sales

Sales is what keeps an organization growing, it is the engine for all growth and the primary driver for profitability and almost all other organizational objectives. It is therefore no surprise that a successful, well managed sales function is critical to your organization’s success. ebizframe ERP Sales addresses needs of a wide range of sales organizations which are engaged in direct sales, institutional sales, FMCG focused sales, Retail, or even services sales. Using the latest technology, ebizframe ERP in Sales allows you to manage sales right from planning and budgeting stage to ensuring collections and post-sales services.

ebizframe has a very strong Budgeting functionality which allows top-down as well as bottom-up budget build up. These budgets can be built by product mix, regions, sales teams or any other mechanism that suits you best. Users can define their sales organization, and consolidations at multiple levels ensure that there is full ownership and visibility for all participants. Multiple versions of such budgets can be created and monitored through the year, and revised to suit the evolving realities as months and quarters go by.

Managing enquiries and their follow up can be done through the Pre-Sales function of ebizframe ERP sales and marketing module. Easy and convenient recording of enquiries received, their allocation to the concerned person, and tracking successful sales closures is possible even on mobile devices. For the sales teams, quick and convenient options for creating quotations, checking shipment status to customers, checking credit availability for existing customers, etc., submitting quotations in multiple currencies if needed, editing and tracking previously submitted quotations, ensuring that the right taxes and freight charges are included and then easy conversion of quotations to Sales Order; all are facilitated in ebizframe Sales ERP Software.

ebizframe ERP can accommodate Direct Sales Orders, as well as Cash Sales, Exports, Rate Contracts or Rush Orders.  Users can track quotations to ensure that the terms at the time of quotation match the order booked to avoid commercial issues and can use Sales Order templates to reduce efforts for high volume environments. Easy mailing options of accepted Sales Orders help improve communication with customers as well as with internal audience who need to be kept informed. All accepted Sales Order – whether from internal or external customers – can get linked to Production Planning or Procurement functions of ebizframe ERP Sales System.

The Pick, Pack and Ship functionality of ebizframe ERP allows users to process orders quickly from a single screen. Users do not have to generate separate pick lists for the same customer or shipping address. Mapping of such pick lists with warehouses, and bin locations is possible to improve shipping efficiencies. All such lists can be integrated with barcode systems.

The challenges associated with receivable management such as accommodating pre-payments, post-dated cheques, multiple shipments invoices for same invoice or vice-versa, management of fluctuating currency exchange rates, tax structures, capturing of data missed at the time of sales order acceptance have been effectively included in ebizframe erp sales module. A comprehensive reporting functionality ensures that payments can be received as planned and follow-ups with customers can be easier.

Managing deliveries and scheduling from multiple warehouses is possible. This can be done for recurring shipments where quantities may be dynamic for varying time periods. Full information about stock availability and stock ageing across warehouses is available.

Sales returns functionality to take care of customer returns due to various reasons such as damaged good, returns for repairs, warranty issues or similar is available. All these link to taxation wherever required. Returns can be matched to shipments made earlier, and relevant updates to inventory made. It is possible to create single RMA for multiple shipments.

Monitoring and management of Sales function can be done through the large number of MIS reports available as a part of the ebizframe ERP Sales Software. A powerful graphic Sales dashboard allows the Sales Management Team to review progress of critical parameters in an intuitive, easy to understand manner, and enabling prompt corrective action.