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Rig Operations

Rig Operations

Rig operations are one of the most difficult on-field jobs.  Highly remote locations, 24x7x365 operations under extreme weather conditions, huge costly equipments, rapid movement of stores items, in-time inventory management, risky nature of operations, timely preventive and breakdown maintenance; all these challenges make it a challenging arena in the global industry. Marine rigs may operate many hundreds of miles or kilometres distant from the supply base with infrequent crew rotation or cycle. Taking care of manpower’s movement, their timely care and training is a major critical task by itself.

Considering the multi-location set up of rig operators and complex nature of job, one requires an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software that is specifically designed for their systems, which needs to be lean and alert, giving timely information and right MIS reports for prompt action.  It also needs to be simple as users on-location may not be too computer savvy or well educated. Simplicity can be an important plus point for an ERP payroll module dedicated to this industry segment.

‘ebizframe for Rigs’ treats Rigs as the focus area of a company’s operations and all MIS and reporting runs around this critical part of the business. Major operational modules of ebizframe for Rigs are – Warehouse Management, Procurement, HR and Payroll, Asset Management and Finance.

The ERP runs on-line through a browser, as well as off-line in difficult terrains. The system takes care to replicate required data between HO and the remote Rig locations or stores. It uses very low bandwidth, that too without any third party middle-tier like Citrix server.

ebizframe ERP Finance Software boasts of globally accepted highly parameterized Work Flow Management System, named ebizframe TaskCentre. It facilitates multiple authorization levels, by-pass options, authorization through MS-Outlook, alerts through mail or SMS and much more. It can have live two-way communication with your web portal for any data exchange or report publishing from the ERP onto the portal.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is the only ERP vendor probably which provides an in-house tightly integrated web-portal for on-line interaction with employees working in the remote locations. It not only displays payslips, holidays, etc. but also allows employee to file travel expenses, ticketing requests, other expenses, leave application, training requirements, appraisals, all on-line on the portal itself. It also works as a Knowledge Management repository.  It can be extended to vendors for RFQ, Quotations, PO Downloads, despatch information, etc.

In addition, ebizframe payroll erp software also offers add-on modules like Mobile Manpower Automation, Document Management System and Vehicle Management Systems. ebizframe works in a highly secure environment with role based, user based security. User access can be controlled till the form level and if desired till the field level too.

ebizframe is a comprehensive, highly proactive and extremely versatile payroll ERP system that can not only take care of your operations but also gives you greater control over materials movement and costs with its comprehensive features.

Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in Software products and services since 1990 and a leading player in ERP in Middle East, Africa and India, has released an ERP specifically designed for Rig Operators. It has fine-tuned its ERP over the years with its experience with one of the largest Rig operator in Middle East. To know more about the module-wise functionality, please click here. To view a detailed presentation of ebizframe ERP Financial Systems, please click here, or write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com or call us on +971-501630084/+91-7045902824.