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ebizframe ERP in Retail Industry

Middle East is a great centre for shopping. Retail is one of the main commercial activities here. Retail business has certain key elements and factors that need to be taken into account while offering an ERP solution for the Retail business.

ebizframe is not only a complete Retail ERP System for the back-end, but it is ably complimented by a Retail (Point of Sales) Solution that is tightly integrated with ERP. Very few ERP vendors offer their own POS solution that is native to the ERP.

Critical issues for the ERP Retail Business are:

  • Simple minimal User Interface (UI) at POS.
  • Highly responsive Point of Sales software so that the client wait-time is minimal.
  • Integration with Cash Register.
  • Ability to deal in multi-currency for a transaction and offer multiple payment options, including credit cards.
  • Transparent system that informs POS operator, real time stocks available in the store and in the warehouse.
  • Centrally controlled Pricing schemes with date control and large permutation combination options.
  • JIT Inventory Management – with right policies and business rules, supplier lead time it’s possible, quick response to alerts about stock levels.
  • Bar-code integration.
  • Warehouse mapping and integration.
  • Take care of both cash and credit sales.
  • Back-end ERP should be able to take care of near error-free procurement process with right controls on pricing policy.
  • Multi-currency financial system to manage imports and forex rates movement.
  • Procurement system that manages both imports and local purchases.
  • Services billing.
  • System-driven Goods Return Policy.
  • Possibility to handle post-sales service issues.
  • Integrated Customer Loyalty Program.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is proud to offer a fully Integrated ERP Retail Solutions that not only seamlessly automates the back-end operations but also fulfills these critical requirements of Retail Businesses as well. To view the demonstration of ebizframe erp retail software, please click here or write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com.