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Projects & Engineering

ERP for Engineering Industry

Middle East is the region where all the action is. Infrastructure creation is the biggest contributor to the economies. The urge to grow rapidly and provide the best amenities to its citizens is motivating respective governments to create infrastructure for its populace in nearly all the countries here. It is a region that is future oriented.

In this scenario, companies in the infrastructure arena are growing rapidly. It is not easy to manage projects from a remote location nor is it easy to manage multiple locations, sometimes, some of these locations might be in inhospitable geographies. With high competition, shrinking margins and highly demanding institutions it is necessary to have a good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that is tuned to Project acquisition and implementation within the given budgets and controlled margins.

Typically, an Engineering ERP Software catering to Project oriented companies’ needs to address some critical issues –

  • Interface and two way data flow between ERP and software like MS-Project.
  • Creating budgets and MIS keeping track of budgets for project and various activities under it.
  • Scheduling of various activities and sub-activities of projects and tracking target dates of deliveries.
  • Facility for downloading and uploading BOQs from tenders and response to tenders.
  • Matching of BOQs with in-house available inventory.
  • Provision to create phantom items and suppliers for new items that may come through tenders. This saves huge time in creation of fresh item codes and supplier masters before you can send out RFQs for new items.
  • Allocation of material, manpower and financial commitment for each project and its related activities.
  • Keep tight track of the “3Ms” – material, manpower and money.
  • Tracking self-equipment and their maintenance or hiring services and equipments from outsiders.
  • Sub-contracting of products and services.
  • Keeping track of returnable goods or client items/equipments.
  • Clear visibility of stocks at various locations and timely transfer from one location to another as per requirement.
  • Gantt charts to provide clear visibility of stage where a project has reached or overrun its timeline.
  • Provision of Integrated Employee Self Service (ESS) portal that would allow employees at remote sites to enter their expenses and leaves, view their salary or imprest accounts.
  • Handle multiple branches and their accounts.
  • Creation of hierarchical or independent multiple cost centres for tracking of cost or profit centres.
  • Consolidation of accounts location wise and profitability tracking of projects.
  • In case of multi-country operations, ability to handle multiple currencies, inter-country transactions and keeping track of forex gain/loss.
  • Consolidated financial results for group level reporting.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is pleased to announce that it has the ability to configure its ERP system engineering, ebizframe for Project based companies with ready to use configuration tools and parameters. ebizframe is a global ERP Suite in every sense. To view a detailed presentation of ebizframe ERP ERP Software for Engineering Companies, please click here, or write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com or call us on +971-501630084/+91-7045902824.