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bizframe10 ERP Material Management

Effective Materials Management lies at the core of Organizational Efficiency. Materials Management has formed a significant part of the evolution of ERP Systems over time, and has evolved from Material Requirement Planning to its current avatar including advanced MRP modelling, Capacity Planning, Machine Planning as well as Warehousing and Retail. Well managed materials can lead to happy customers, storage, production as well as distribution efficiencies, all leading to huge savings having direct impact on the balance sheet.

ebizframe ERP Material Management Software (MM) offers comprehensive functionality for manufacturing as well as sales and distribution focussed organizations, including retail. In addition it also offers strong Supply Chain integration. It includes comprehensive functionalities to help organizations do effective Materials planning, procurement, receiving, storage and issue.

ebizframe addresses Materials Management requirements comprehensively. This includes Material Requisition, Procurement Requisition, Request for Quotation, Quotation Analysis, Vendor Management, Warehouse Management, Stock Transfer, etc.

ebizframe ERP MM Module supports defining group and sub-group up to nth level. User can define item code, item type definition and attributes viz. raw material, finished goods, trading, etc. in the Material Management ERP.

Pricing rules are also maintained in ebizframe MM such as basic price, purchase price and sales price.

ebizframe MM facilitates managing Kit items such as create items for bucket sales/purchase. This also provides functionality to assemble/de-assemble kit items- such as select lot/serial numbers for input items, get lot/serial numbers for dismantled items.

The software supports defining items on the basis of Item Shelf Life and Inactive/active items. ebizframe ERP Material Management Systems also supports defining minimum and maximum stock of the item, Safety stock and Reorder level. ebizframe allows Mapping of Items to Chart of Accounts for their financial impact

Warehouse and Bin Management

ebizframe MM has Warehouse Management feature with unlimited Lot, Bin support and Serial number tracking. The System is capable of handling multi-organization, multi-branch and multi-warehouse scenarios and also allows users to define bin capacity; item-wise bin capacity in volume, physical dimension or both. User-defined Bin blocking and Bin-wise stock management feature is also available in ebizframe MM. Monitoring and flagging of multiple bins for replenishment is a valued feature in ebizframe.


ebizframe MM allows users to send Request for Quotation (RFQ). Purchase functionalities allow dynamic supplier addition during RFQ and also permits sending RFQs to un-registered suppliers. Users can also mail RFQs. ebizframe allows maintaining supplier-wise best price for each item and item-wise last purchase price. Item stock details like available quantity, reserved quantity and ordered quantity can be seen in ebizframe MM Material Management in ERP.

Supplier Management

ebizframe MM allows users to define parameters for vendor evaluation in the system. Users can create and manage supplier’s profile. Maintaining multiple shipping and billing addresses for each vendor is possible in the system.

ebizframe MM maintains supplier wise price history of each item with supplier’s item code and also provides supplier performance against price for each item with its last purchase price. Dynamic linking of item with Supplier is also part of ebizframe ERP Material System feature list. User defined parameters and weightage setting for objective supplier performance evaluation is a critical functionality of Vendor Management of ebizframe MM. Merit list generation for Suppliers on consolidated weighted score is also possible in ebizframe.

ebizframe allows putting a Supplier on hold for user defined time period. Blacklisting of Supplier is also supported in system.

Supplier Quotation

ebizframe MM has a feature of objective Supplier quotation evaluation. The system allows for user defined parameters and weightage setting for evaluation. Quotation rating is based on user defined parameters in ebizframe MM. Merit list generation is based on consolidated weighted score. Option to rate quotations based on quotation value automatically, is also supported by the system.

ebizframe MM allows draft PO creation from approved quotation directly. The ERP System also allows for validation to apply during PO generation. Scheduling of Purchase Order Delivery is also available in ebizframe MM.

ebizframe MM helps minimize PO creation effort. Users can create PO by using functionalities like Draft mode PO, Making PO from template or previous approved PO, PO from suggested order, etc. Draft mode enables the User to create a PO in multiple iterations and saving it in Draft mode for further work every time. This feature is particularly useful when POs have large number of line items and hence the user doesn’t have to go through the pain of creating the entire PO in a single shot.

ebizframe MM allows Purchase Order generation of various types of purchase order like – Standard purchase order, Scheduled purchase order, Rate Contract purchase order, Direct purchase order, Cash purchase order, etc.

ebizframe ERP material software allows creation of Suggested Order on the basis of re-order level, safety level, purchase requisition, previous orders or manual entry, etc. ERP supports applying taxation, discount and other charges at individual line item level or at document level

ebizframe MM provides multiple currency support with current exchange rate feature available. It also supports multiple units of measurement.

Material Movement

ebizframe MM allows allocation of Lot/Bin/Serial number for material received at warehouse. Apart from this, flexibility to allocate multiple stock locations per item is also present.

It is also possible to generate Single Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Invoice for multiple PO along with Single receipt for multiple sales returns. Auto-generation of Rejected Material Dispatch Advice is a very essential feature in ebizframe MM.

ebizframe MM allows automatic segregation of QC items and non-QC items during stores receipt. Generation of purchase invoice for invoice-able receipts is supported.

Dynamic work flows allow User Defined Multi-level approval in ebizframe MM.

Apart from this, ebizframe MM has a feature to generate various alerts such as alert for material received after due date, material received beyond defined tolerance level and alert for expiry dates, etc.

Stock Transfer

ebizframe MM facilitates stock transfer for different scenarios such as from one warehouse to other warehouse in the same organization OR one organization to another organization. ebizframe ERP Material Management is also capable of handling Stock in Transit. Feature of optional transfer invoice is available in ebizframe MM. Transferring of overheads to cost of goods is also a supported functionality in ebizframe material management module in erp.