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ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing activity is not a major contributor to the GDP of nations in the Middle East region, except for a few countries like Turkey, Jordan, etc. in the current scenario. However, many countries have proactively moved into manufacturing keeping in mind the future of an oil based economy.

Petrochemical based manufacturing as a critical starting point in manufacturing has moved to newer areas of manufacturing. Many different industries are witnessing a flurry of activity in this region. Some large economies already have a good manufacturing base in conventional industries.

Considering the future, these manufacturing organizations are going in for automation and business process oriented business management. Eastern Software Systems (ESS) offers a versatile and highly configurable (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP Manufacturing Software Solution, ebizframe that can be implemented in a flexible manner and within reasonable time and budgets.

Some of the key issues that manufacturers face are –

  • Defining of the Bills of Material (BOM) that may have varying versions due to the changes in raw materials or minor changes in the composition of an end product.
  • Need to keep track of different versions is very important.
  • Creation of new BOMs in a short time.
  • Possibility of a multi-layered BOM with nested BOMs within a BOM.
  • Batch-based Production based on BOM (or recipe, in case of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Industry).
  • Ability to issue materials for a batch size or issuing items as per requirement or availability of material.
  • Linking processes to work centres, machines and routing of production.
  • Linking BOMs at different stages of production routes and release of Job Cards based on routes or work centre/machine based Job Cards.
  • Variable issues to a given batch due to difference in quality like different potency or specific gravity of an item.
  • Allowing tolerance in receipt or issue of an item in Goods Receipt or Issues.
  • Possibility to have QC done at various stages or discretion to choose the stage where QC is to be done.
  • Flexibility of cash purchases or ad-hoc purchases, for consumable items, etc.
  • Release of RFQ or PO based on chosen group of items and their stock levels.
  • Use of bar code for faster movement of inventory items.
  • Ability to track WIP.
  • Backward and Forward Production Planning based on production capacity.
  • Planning Production based on actual orders, projected orders, stock to order or order to stock.

ESS is proud to offer a ready-to-use highly configurable ERP for Manufacturing Company – ebizframe ERP Manufacturing that takes care of different production processes with flexible planning or capacity based planning for any kind of discreet or batch based production unit. To view a detailed presentation of ebizframe ERP Manufacturing Systems, please click here, or write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com or call us on +971-501630084/+91-7045902824.