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ERP in Egypt


Egypt, considered to be the cradle of civilization, has one of the longest history for any modern day nation and where civilization was born around the tenth millennium BC. Egypt has great ties of civilization brotherhood with India.

Egypt is a unique transcontinental country comprising of two regions: Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia joined by the Sinai Peninsula. It has coastlines on both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Egypt shares its borders with ,, the Gaza Strip, Israel and ,. With a population exceeding 100 million, residing in an area in excess of 1 million sq. km. Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa and the Arab World. Arabic is its official language.

Egypt’s economy is one of the most diversified one in the Middle East with tourism, industry & services and agriculture assuming equal importance. Egypt’s GDP is estimated around US$ 300 billion with growth rate of 3%–5% p.a. in the past quarter-century. Most of its economic activities take place around the Nile River Valley. Major industries are Textiles, Food Processing, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Construction. In addition to Hospitality, Crude Production & Refining, Agriculture and Information Technology (IT) have made rapid strides in Egypt in the recent years, thanks to the impetus given by the Egyptian Government and stimulated by new entrepreneurs. Egypt now provides IT Outsourcing services to many American and European IT Companies including IT majors like Microsoft and Oracle.


ERP in Egypt is one of the most IT savvy economies in the region. ERP Software in Egypt is not considered a luxury but a necessity yet. An effective ERP System plays a crucial role in systematically integrating all the core functions of a business. It manages the data, streamlines business processes and enables constant monitoring of operations at all the intermediate stages in an enterprise. Consequently, ERP Systems have played an integral part in automating Egyptian enterprises across diverse industry verticals. It has brought inventory under tight control and has aligned the production processes seamlessly. Thus, ERP Systems have not only cut down on the wastage of precious resources but have made the operations more efficient in Egyptian enterprises. Implementation of an effective ERP Software also ensures that the management has total control over its operations including that of locations in remote areas thereby encouraging the business expansion into newer markets and locations.

ebizframe ERP Solutions In Egypt

ebizframe ERP Companies in Egypt, Middle East’s Premier ERP, is one of the forerunners in providing powerful and cost-effective ERP solutions across the Middle East. The successful implementation of ebizframe ERP across diverse industry verticals such as Manufacturing, FMCG Distribution, Retail, Logistics, Oil-Rigs, Infrastructure and Construction Companies, etc. has resulted in the optimum utilization of resources, improved productivity and reduction of operational costs across the enterprise. ebizframe ERP has also empowered enterprises to plan for their business expansion by giving them capabilities to handle multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-location transactions smoothly.

ebizframe ERP, the latest version of ebizframe ERP Software Egypt is a Next-Generation ERP Suite that takes Enterprise Automation to a different level altogether. ebizframe is SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) compliant and is completely device agnostic ERP that ensures real-time access anytime, anywhere to the users.

ebizframe ERP in Egypt can be rapidly configured and implemented across almost all industry verticals in the shortest possible time. It comes with centralized support system thereby ensuring that all issues are addressed promptly and satisfactorily. To know more about ebizframe

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erp in Egypt erp in egypt