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ERP in Oman


Amongst all GCC countries, Oman has the oldest trade relationship with India. It is the oldest independent state in the Arab World. Its capital city is Muscat which has been one of the most important trading ports in the Indian Ocean. Oman is strategically located at the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula bordered by UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Oman is a high income economy and ranked as the 59th most peaceful country in the world. Muscat was recently chosen as the 2nd best city in the world and the Capital of Arab Tourism.

Oman’s economy though dependent on oil exports, is one of the most diversified economies in the GCC countries. Oman’s oil resources at 5.5 billion barrels are the 25th largest in the world and generate about 85% of the total government revenue. Trade of fish, dates and some agricultural produce, FMCG Sales & Distribution, Surface Transport and Manufacturing are the other major sectors of economic activity. Oman recently set up a world class Ferro-chrome smelter facility and signed a Free Trade Agreement with USA thereby bringing down trade barriers and improving the economic environment still further.

Tourism has emerged as one of the largest industries in the country. Oman offers one of the most diverse environments in the Middle East and is famous for cultural tourism. Omanis are known for their friendly and warm disposition.


An ERP Software Oman, at its essence, is a powerful tool for managing information, information which is vital for your enterprise. ERP centralizes and manages all the information in your enterprise. This means that the information flow gets streamlined, each process in an enterprise becomes more efficient and all your business processes get connected seamlessly.

An ERP System makes things easier, amplifies work efficiency, provides the team with the requisite information they need in real-time and makes data analysis less complex. A contemporary ERP Software is a flexible tool that can be accessed on any device and can be securely deployed on-cloud or on-premises as per the requirement of the customer.

ERP System in Oman have been in existence in Oman for the past many years and have played an important role in simplifying operations, enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises across different industry verticals. The ERP Software Company in Oman also plays a critical role in smoothly managing complex financial and statutory requirements.


ebizframe ERP in Oman, one of Middle East’s favorite ERP Systems, has helped many organizations in Oman to adopt universally accepted best business practices, cut down on wastage of precious resources and enhance operational efficiency significantly.

Managing complex Supply-Chain structures, gigantic number of oil wells and geographically dispersed locations were some of the challenges being faced by the oil and gas industry in Oman. ebizframe ERP has not only provided these enterprises with the facility for standardizing all their processes but also in effectively managing the operations across all their locations including remote locations like offshore oil rigs where the working environment is extremely challenging even on the easiest of days. ebizframe ERP has been specially customized and successfully implemented to cater to the needs of this critical sector.

ebizframe ERP has also been implemented for the Retail and Trading Sector in Oman.

ebizframe ERP is a web-enabled, multi-location, multi-currency and multi-lingual software which can seamlessly connect all the offices of an enterprise across locations in multiple countries. It has been successfully customized and implemented to fulfill the industry-specific requirements of different industry verticals.

ebizframe, the latest version of ebizframe ERP takes Enterprise Automation to a much higher level than traditional ERPs with many never-seen-before features. ebizframe allows the management to take control of their business operations effortlessly. It ensures that the management does not get bogged down in trivial operational issues and instead get time to plan for the future of their enterprise.

ebizframe creates a leaner, smarter and more agile enterprise that is ready to face the business challenges of today and the future. It simply transforms the way you do business.