Leading Rig Operations Company in Middle East trusts ebizframe

Written by admin|Mar 30,2016

The client is one of the largest Rig Operations Company in the Middle East with its Head Office in Oman and operations in Qatar, UAE, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The major problem for the client was that remote locations were really very remote. They were in deserts, high seas or hilly areas. In the year 2000 when they were searching for a proper ERP that could monitor their operations in an integrated manner, larger ERPs offered solutions that had to be on a centralized server with real-time connectivity. This was a major challenge. The costs for setting up such a network were huge and so was the actual total cost of ownership.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) offered an ERP Solution based on robust Oracle platform and data would be replicated across locations in batch mode at periodic intervals based on the organization’s urgency for MIS. And where possible, the ERP System would be on-line through normal internet or VPN connections using very small bandwidth for the users. Another advantage that ebizframe ERP offered was a simple Java servlet for the middle-tier rather than costly middle-tier software offered by other large ERPs.

Other critical factors were – 24x7x365 operations under extreme weather conditions, huge costly equipment, rapid movement of stores items, in-time inventory management, timely preventive and breakdown maintenance, etc.  Marine rigs may operate many hundreds of kilometres away from the supply base with infrequent crew rotation or cycle. Taking care of manpower’s movement, their timely care and training is a major critical task in itself.

Huge inventory carrying cost was also a major issue as lack of timely information about costly spares or machines lying idle at different locations resulted in excess purchases to take care of possible emergencies and stoppage of work.

An ERP specifically designed for their systems needed to be lean and alert, giving timely information and the right MIS Reports for prompt action.  It also needed to be simple and easy-to-use as users on location may not be too computer savvy or well educated.

ebizframe ERP from ESS offered the client Warehouse Management, Procurement, HR and Payroll, Asset Management and Finance.

Warehouse Management can check inventory in multiple rigs and multiple stores in different locations. It can transfer items from one location to another with monitoring of material in transit. It can also take care of direct supplies to rigs from the suppliers. Supervisors and managers can check inventory levels across locations, thus wastage through excess ordering has stopped thereby saving millions of dollars for the client. Stock reconciliation has also become much easier.  

Procurement – they can manage domestic purchases, imports & service purchases. Stores are tightly linked to Accounts PO Management and Accounts. They can have budgets and manage through online budgetary dashboard. They can view online purchase history before finalizing a PO, saving manual exercise or accidental oversight of purchasing at higher rates.

Asset Management – ebizframe takes care of Fixed Asset registers as well as Equipment maintenance.  This industry handles some of the costliest equipment that is working 24×7.  Timely preventive maintenance and availability of spares, as well as breakdown maintenance, is most critical and handled well by ebizframe. It takes care of both in-house maintenance as well as third party service providers.

HRIS – Apart from routine work of salary generation and interface with swipe cards or biometric systems, ebizframe takes care of employee training, skill enhancement and recruitment. It tracks employee competencies so it is easy to call for right manpower from within the organization or get personnel trained for specific jobs in time. It also handles administrative issues like visa, air tickets and other related issues of the HR Department.  It is tightly linked with Finance.

Finance – The most critical function that ebizframe ERP offers is multi-currency, multi-country operations with easy consolidated reports and inter-branch transactions. It also provides IFRS reporting. It has budget and cost centre features for tight budgeting and expense monitoring.

ebizframe has provided highly parameterized Work Flow Management system with multiple authorization levels, by-pass options, authorization through MS-Outlook, alerts through mail or SMS. It can have live two-way communication with your web portal for any data exchange or report publishing from ERP onto the portal. This is a great help for such a remotely managed organization where managers also keep travelling between countries.

For handling employees, ebizframe has also provided Employee Self Service Portal that is tightly integrated with the ERP. It allows employee to file travel expenses, ticketing requests, leave application, training requirements, appraisals, etc. all online on the portal. In addition, they can view their leave status, salary slips, etc.

ebizframe has helped this client have a tightly integrated business environment, raising their efficiencies and reducing their costs significantly.