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ERP in Bahrain


Bahrain is one of the most westernized and modern economies in Arab world. A major part of its revenue comes from the export of oil, petroleum products and aluminum. Finance and Construction also play an important part in generating revenue. The GDP of Bahrain is estimated at around US$30.19 billion.

Bahrain has a very well developed infrastructure with all towns and villages connected by well-constructed roads. It is an archipelago in the Persian Gulf. It is located close to primary Middle-Eastern petroleum sources. The country lies to its north while Saudi Arabia lies to the west. Bahrain does not share a land boundary with any country.  Since times immemorial Bahrain was famous for pearl fishing which were considered to be the best in the world.

Bahrain has also promoted itself as a prime tourist destination for people from adjoining countries. Bahrain hosts a “Spring of Culture” Festival annually which features internationally renowned musicians and artistes. It is famed for Bahrain International Formula-1 Circuit.


Organisational goals are achieved when there is minimal disruption in information flow, when every process in an organization is tightly integrated and works in a seamless manner.

With an ERP System Bahrain all your business processes come together for easy collaboration and rapid decision making to enhance your business efficiency. ERP Systems have helped industrial projects in Bahrain in Project Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management.

An ERP Software Bahrain helps reduce the burden of manual processes, minimizes redundant practices and helps bring about a technological revolution in an organization. Enterprises in Bahrain have been using ERP system to enhance their business potential to the maximum.

ebizframe ERP for BAHRAIN

The biggest challenge for an enterprise is to minimize resource wastage, increase revenue and curb extraneous costs. To this end, ebizframe ERP software companies in bahrain streamlines the entire operations by seamlessly automating and integrating them. This ensures that the Management is always in control of their business, knows exactly where the money is being spent and decisions about additional costs can be taken quickly when the situation so demands.

ebizframe ERP has played an instrumental role in enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises in GCC countries including Bahrain across industry verticals such as Manufacturing, FMCG Sales & Distribution, Retail, Logistics, Rig Operations, etc.

ebizframe ERP Bahrin, the latest version of ebizframe, is loaded with better, newer and faster tools that help in making smarter decisions with easy-to-use reporting and proactive analysis. It takes care of all the manual tasks in a more innovative and structured way. ebizframe ERP has been instrumental in saving the Management’s energy so that it can be focused on growth and generation of creative ideas rather than getting bogged down by mundane transactions.

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