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ebizframe ERP An Overview

ebizframe ERP, the largest selling ERP Software in the mid-market segment in India and Africa, is a time tested web enabled ERP from Eastern Software Systems. ebizframe is multi-company, multi-location, multi-currency and multi-lingual software. One can easily consolidate data across companies/branches as well as drill down to transactions from macro level results ebizframe can be deployed over the Internet or intranet using any methods of available connectivity.

Salient Features

Device Agnostic

Complete Top ERP Works on all devices including mobiles/tabs. So that you can always remain connected with your best erp software.

Quick implementations

We do not believe in meeting deadlines but endeavor to delight our customers by beating deadlines.


User defined workflows allow you to define custom workflows with move, jump and exit points.

Flexi Fields

Users can add fields in the Forms which can have validation rules. Make your customized screens on the go. Customization at your fingertips

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard analytics provide incisive operational insights enabling effective decision making. Report Configurator lets you do your analytics your own way.

User Friendly

Highly user-friendly and intuitive design. Template based approach Eases Data Entry significantly. Best ERP helps drive users by identifying their Tasks/Actionable

Latest Technology

Built on the latest trends in technology – SOA Architecture assures you of protection of your investment for a long time.


Just like the Apps Store, it’s our Store of Reports/Analytics available to you. Based on your specific Requirements, you can download them and have them implemented

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ebizframe- The SMAC Enabled ERP

ebizframe ERP help customers ride on all these 4 components of “The Nexus of Forces” – Social (Collaboration), Mobility, Analytics & Cloud and help them experience the multiplying effect of SMAC on business growth.

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Transform Your Business

  • Contrary to the popular belief that ERP’s increase data entry load, ebizframe ERP eases data entry which improves ERP usage and adaptability within the organization. Easy availability of information and analytics helps managers with Proactive decision making, focusing on growth issues, instead of fire-fighting .
  • It Transforms your organization from an “unorganized data driven Reactive organization” to an “information driven proactive organization”
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  • Right from capturing data on-the-go to enabling quick decision making, all advantages of Mobility are available with ebizframe. It is available on most mobile devices which run on iOS or Android.
  • A powerful ebizframe App can be downloaded on your favorite device, it ensures that key users and decision makers have 24*7 access to ebizframe wherever they are in the world.
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RepStore-A New Approach To Business Reporting

  • Large number of Ready to use reports
  • In addition, Users can create their own reports
  • Web Access to thousands of additional Reports on RepStore©. RepStore is similar to the concept of an App Store that you see in modern day’s phones. It comes bundled with a number of Applications and in addition to that the Phone gives you access to the Apps Store from where you can download hundreds of Applications of your choice. Similarly, ebizframe users can access RepStore over the net and plug-in any Report they want into the ERP all on their own.
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The Proactive ERP

  • Tickers
  • Work Reminders
  • Operational Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Alerts/Notifications