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ebizframe is leading ERP in the Middle East, India, and Africa. ebizframe ERP Software is used by over a thousand organizations in more than 25 countries.
ebizframe ERP Company offers solutions for over 20 industries to ensure that businesses get software relevant to them in the quickest time and at the least investment.
The latest version of ebizframe has been developed after consolidating learning from our thousands of man years of experience.
Our teams are spread across multiple locations to ensure that 24×7 support for our customers. To get a Free ERP Demo.
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Your business will Transformwith ebizframe ERP

Paint Your Dreams with ebizframe10 ERP

Get Time

Dream, Strategize, Chase your passion

Allowing you to work from almost anywhere – from a beach to a glitzy cruise, your business is always with you on your smartphone or a tab for receiving business alerts or granting approvals or collaborating with other senior management executives.

A dashboard on your tablet helps you monitor critical business parameters without running a single report; at the same time giving you the ability to drill down to any micro level details should you have the need.

Monitor only exceptions in your business – Routine information clutter is removed completely.

Get Control

Be in control anywhere, Be Proactive, Manage Expections

CEOs obsess to get full control of their business. Be it Sales & Marketing function, Financial Management, Client Delivery Functions or Core Functions like Production Management or Retail, CEOs spend a vast majority of their energy in trying to ensure that all activities are happening as per plan, following internally approved processes, within defined norms.

ebizframe has a powerful dashboard that lets you be in control of your busiess anytime, anywhere. This dashboard lets you monitor all critical aspects of your business and ensure that they are within the preset parameters. Exceptions are tracked and communicated pro-actively through multiple mechanisms such as SMS or emails.

Move Up

Handle bigger challenges, Attain Greater Heights, Grow Leader

A CEO is a respected pillar of the society who has earned name as well as money, and is revered by his family and staff. People admire him.

A CEO aims to handle bigger challenges like growing his company or making it more profitable, or even take up social upliftment responsibilities. A CEO would certainly like to develop next line of leadership to ensure business continues to thrive under competent and committed leadership.

ebizframe ERP System allows you and your business to attain a new level by enabling better, tighter management systems and controls enabling your people to develop as future leaders.


Do what you love, Family time, Always on top

Get away from your routine, do what you love. ebizframe lets you attain better work-life balance by allowing you to be on top even as you spend more time with your children, take your parents out on a precious evening.

ebizframe ensures that your business is always at your fingertips through your mobile device. All important aspects of your business can be tracked and acted upon – but only if they require your personal attention, from anywhere at anytime. Critical alerts that you can configure as well as  business health indicators can be accessed at any time.

Unplug! with ebizframe ERP Software and stay on top…

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Eastern Software Systems (ESS), the creator of ebizframe10 ERP, is a premier IT Products and Services Company with a leadership presence across 25 countries in the Middle East, Africa and India. ESS is assessed at SEI CMM Level 5 and is certified ISO-9001:2015. In addition to Next-Generation ERP Solutions, ESS has rich experience in developing and deploying other cutting-edge Enterprise Automation Solutions for Business Process Management (BPM), Mobile Sales Force Automation (m-SFA), Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics, Hospital Management Systems, etc. For more details about ESS, please visit www.essindia.com


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