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Oracle ADF

Oracle ADF Development Capabilities

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is the future of Application Development and a next generation platform for rich enterprise Application Development. Most of the latest applications and future applications are built on the ADF platform. ADF provides a complete framework to build applications with a simple yet versatile User Interface (UI) and advanced functionalities. Eastern Software Systems (ESS), the creator of ebizframe10 ERP, has a rich experience in developing state-of-the-art Oracle ADF applications for a diverse range of industry verticals and requirements. ESS’ highly qualified and experienced ADF Development Team provides end-to-end consulting for design and development of ADF applications.


  • Custom Application Development (Rapid Application Development & Object Oriented Development).
  • Systems Integration.
  • Application Maintenance (upgrades, support and management).
  • Conversion (Migration) Services – migrating applications from one platform or architecture to another.
  • Structured Analysis, Design and Development.
  • Rational unified processes.
  • P+/Agile/SCRUM development in distributed environments.


Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. Separating applications into these layers simplifies maintenance and reuse of components across applications. The independence of each layer from the other results in a loosely coupled Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Oracle ADF implements MVC and further separates the model layer from the business services to enable service-oriented development of applications. Oracle ADF architecture is based on four layers:

  • The Business Services Layer – provides access to data from various sources and handles business logic.
  • The Model Layer – provides an abstraction layer on top of the Business Services layer, enabling the View and Controller layers to work with different implementations of Business Services in a consistent way.
  • The Controller Layer – provides a mechanism to control the flow of the Web application.
  • The View Layer – provides the user interface of the application.


ESS follows a rigorous process-driven approach to execute any Application Development requirement. This ensures that every project delivers not only a very high quality and value to its users but also that it is executed in the most cost-effective manner. ESS does not believe in meeting deadlines but endeavors to delight the customer by beating deadlines.



We have a highly skilled ADF Development Team with a total development experience exceeding 150 years. This team consists of a variety of functional experts like Database Designers, Solution Architects, Functional Consultants, Project Managers, Team Leads, and Testers. ESS’ Research, Design and Development Functions are certified ISO 9001:2008 and also assessed at SEI CMM Level 5, the highest level possible for a software enterprise.